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Not One More Life Trusted Messengers is a program of the Allergy & Asthma Network. We invite members of the news media and bloggers to contact us to assist with your stories.

We can arrange interviews with Trusted Messengers project spokespeople, including Tonya Winders, Allergy & Asthma Network President and CEO; LeRoy Graham, MD, Medical Director of Not One More Life Trusted Messengers; and patients and families who have volunteered or participated in Trusted Messengers events.

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Gary Fitzgerald, Senior Editor and Communications Strategist
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Photo of testing center for Asthma and Covid

Facts about the Not One More Life Trusted Messengers Program

In September 2020, the Not One More Life Trusted Messengers Program hosted two screening events in Atlanta, serving more than 1,000 patients.

Patients participated in free COVID-19 testing as well as asthma and COPD screenings. They were also provided influenza vaccination, education on COVID-19 prevention, PPE, food vouchers and respiratory follow-up care. The program helped Black Americans and underserved communities through inclusion in a 16-week follow-up care program.

The program will expand into additional cities in 2021: DC, NOLA, Bronx, Harlem, Oakland, Nashville, Kansas City, Chicago, & more.

For more about the program, see About Us.

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Tweet of Breath Better Award for Trusted Messengers
Tweet of HEIC award from JnJ
Image of social media post announcing Trusted Messengers award for CSR & Diversity

City of Atlanta Government Social Media Posts highlighting the partnership between the City of Atlanta Mayor’s office, Trusted Messengers Program and NY Governor Andrew Cuomo.

City of Atlanta FB post about Covid-19 Screenings
City of Atlanta Twitter post about free Covid-19 Screenings

Photo Gallery

Woman getting a lung screening from her car in Atlanta.
Photo of health professionals doing lung and Covid-19 screenings in a church parking lot
Photo of two Black EMS professionals administering self Covid-19 tests.
Photo Gallery
Photo Gallery
AAN Twitter post about Free Covid-19 screening
AAN Twitter post about successful free covid-19 screening
AAN Twitter post about Free Covid-19 screening


Educational video on COVID-19 prevention with celebrity entertainer and pastor Montel Jordan

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