Advancing a nationwide effort to offer free testing, treatment, vaccination & patient education to those at greater risk
from COVID – 19.

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Allergy & Asthma Network´s Not One More Life Trusted Messengers Project

Communities of color have always known that their access to quality health care needs to be much better. Now with the coronavirus pandemic, we know that Black Americans and other underserved communities face higher risks than white, non-Hispanic people, including:

  • getting COVID-19
  • being hospitalized due to COVID-19 and
  • dying due to COVID-19 than white, non-Hispanic people.

We need to change this reality. We aim to improve access for Black Americans and others in underserved communities who experience social and economic barriers to quality health care. That’s where Trusted Messengers comes in.

The Not One More Life Trusted Messengers program was created to partner with churches and go into vulnerable communities to offer free COVID-19 testing and vaccines, lung health screening and patient education.

Photo of health professionals doing lung and Covid-19 screenings in a church parking lot

Trusted Messengers is a program of the Allergy & Asthma Network and partners Sanofi and Self Care Catalysts. Trusted Messengers is a holistic project built on trust to address health inequities, increase access to important health information and screenings for people of color and improve long-term health outcomes, especially for those with respiratory conditions.

Trusted Messengers 2020-2021 Impact Report & Data at a Glance PDF Downloads

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Thumbnail image of the 2020-2021 Impact report for Trusted Messengers. It links to the PDF download.
Thumbnail image of the 2020-202data at a glance for Trusted Messengers. It links to the PDF download.

“Hundreds of patients in Atlanta were screened for COVID-19, asthma, COPD and were able to consult with healthcare professionals. It’s encouraging to see people coming out and getting tested, and to know that the Trusted Messengers project will continue to help them throughout their health journey.“

Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms

60th Mayor of the City of Atlanta

“Interconnected systemic inequities – such as housing, job types, levels of education, etc. – negatively impact the health of people of color. There is an urgent need to act fast and act now, but the work we have to do to correct disparities in health goes well beyond COVID-19. It takes time to change systems, so in addition to taking action now, we must commit to long-term approaches that result in meaningful impact and the reduction of disparities.”

Tonya Winders

CEO, Allergy & Asthma Network

“We understand the challenges for the underserved and underrepresented in the areas of health, education and access to critical community needs. The Trusted Messengers project is meeting an urgent unmet need for Black Americans, and we are looking forward to continuing to support AAN to focus on some of the barriers in the areas of health equity.”

Diane Blankman Roberts

Head of Corporate Social Responsibility & President of Sanofi Cares North America, Sanofi

“Self Care Catalysts’ involvement as the Lead Digital Partner for the Trusted Messengers project is testament to the significance of leveraging technology and science as enablers to bring stakeholders together to support community-driven healthcare. The impact of COVID-19 among people suffering from Allergy, Asthma and COPD requires long term, real world, real time monitoring to continue to uncover how it will affect the quality of lives of people in the community.”

Grace Castillo-Soyao

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Self Care Catalysts

“We are honored to partner with the Allergy & Asthma Network and Sanofi to help slow the spread of COVID-19, particularly within communities of color which are disproportionately being impacted by this once in a lifetime pandemic.”

Jonathan Malveaux

Co-Founder, Nano Air Mask